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Advantages and disadvantages of bagged vacuum cleaners

September 9, 2021

Latest company news about Advantages and disadvantages of bagged vacuum cleaners

Hygiene: This is one of the primary benefits of a bagged vacuum cleaner. The dust and dirt remain inside the dust bag at the time of disposing of it, which ensures that none of it escapes or leaks out in the household atmosphere. Technological advances have also improved the quality of sealing in the dust bags, which further eliminates leaks.


Protection against Dust Allergies: The expensive air filters in the vacuum capture the minute allergens in the house and if the same escapes at the time of emptying the dust bag, then it completely defeats the purpose. A bagged vacuum cleaner with a sealed dust bag takes care of that. If you are susceptible to dust allergies or asthma, or if you have kids and elderly people at home, then a bagged vacuum makes sense. In the case of bagless vacuums, there’s an inherent risk of dust and dirt escaping at the time of emptying the dust cup.


Maintenance: This is another aspect where bagged vacuums trump over bagless ones. Since the dust and dirt accumulate in a sealed dust bag, you don’t need to empty it or clean it regularly. Once the dust bag is full (usually there’s a mark on the bag to indicate its maximum capacity) you simply discard it. In addition, the filter in a bagged vacuum is built into the dust bag. So, there’s no need to clean the filter. Plus, you have a readymade indicator to inform you when it’s time to change it.


Suction Power: A certain amount of suction power is required for deep cleaning of carpets and rugs. Since bagged vacuums are sealed with the filtration system built-in, it provides better suction power and performs better in deep cleaning.



Cost of New Bags: You will have to either buy a bunch of dust bags in advance or buy a new one every month or so. A good quality dust bag that seals at the time of disposal costs at least $4-5. So, you will have to factor in an additional expenditure of about $50 per year.


A danger of Clogging: With bagged vacuum cleaners, you need to be vigilant once the dust bag gets close to filling up completely. If you use the vacuum when the dust bag is almost full, there’s a danger that the dust, dirt and other debris will be sucked into the filter and worse, the motor. You might be able to clean the filter at home, but you will need professional help to clean the motor. There’s also a chance that the motor might break down.

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