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Lydsto Self-Collecting Dust Robot Vacuum - Opening a New Era of Intelligent Robot Vacuum

April 13, 2021

Latest company news about Lydsto Self-Collecting Dust Robot Vacuum - Opening a New Era of Intelligent Robot Vacuum

SHENZHEN, China--()--Ever heard of a dust collection robot vacuum? It is a new type of intelligent robot vacuum that uses dust collection technology to clean the dust box and dust debris of the robot vacuum on its own. The carrier of the dust collection technology is the dust collection station, where the fan rotates at high speed, creating a huge negative pressure of air in the sealed air duct, which powerfully sucks up the dust box debris. The emergence of dust collection technology makes the robot vacuum truly self-managing and opens up a new era of intelligent robot vacuums.

The Lydsto R1 is a dust collection sweeper from Lydsto, a smart robot vacuum brand that can "look after" itself with its powerful dust collection capabilities. It automatically activates dust collection after each vacuuming session to clean out the vacuum's dust box, which is a huge relief. It also transports the dust box waste to its large 3L dust bag, which only needs to be picked up and thrown away once a month, so people don't have to clean the dust box manually.

In addition to dust collection, the Lydsto R1 also features 2700pa suction power, four levels of intensity control, 150 minutes of long life, carpet recognition, intelligent path planning, obstacle avoidance and extrication, intermittent cleaning and APP customisation.

Intelligent dust collection combined with intelligent cleaning makes the intelligent dust collection robot vacuum Lydsto R1 synonymous with the new era of smart appliances.

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