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Types of vacuum cleaner dust bags

June 2, 2021

Latest company news about Types of vacuum cleaner dust bags

When a vacuum cleaner is at work, a stream of air passes through the cleaner, entering through the intake port and exiting through the exhaust port. This stream of air carries with it the dirt and dust particles sucked in by the vacuum. Before the dirt filled air exits through the exhaust port, it goes through the dust bag or filter system. The vacuum cleaner bags are made of porous woven material, usually cloth, paper or synthetic material. They act as an air filter. The tiny holes in the bag are large enough to let the air pass through but too small for most dust particles to go through. Therefore, when the air streams into the bag, all the air moves on through the filter material, but the dirt and dust collect in the bag.


Cloth Bags
This is the grand daddy of all bags. It is a simple way of collecting dust particles which works well with machines which has a good bit of grunt. They are reusable (cost savings) but inherently fraught with issues of having to empty the contents and washing the bag periodically. (a baby cloth nappy scenario) These bags are perfectly suited to fit older vacuum cleaner models and are eco friendly.


Paper Bags
Paper bags have been in existence for a long time. Primary reason for this innovation was to have a disposable bag option. It is convenient and hygienic. Most current vacuum cleaner models take the paper bag version.They are cost effective and widely available.


Microfibre (Synthetic) Bags
Microfibre bags brought into play high cleaning performance to vacuum cleaners.The toughness of the material with fine denier size enabled +50% longer life, +50% more better suction and + 50% more capacity compared to the paper version.They are more expensive than paper bags for the above reasons. Most vacuum cleaner models can take both paper and microfibre version of the bags.


Carbon Pet and Anti-Allergy Bags
The latest innovation with microfibre bags are they are impregnated with carbon particles, which provides the best protection for homes with pets and people with allergies. Some new versions of pet specific vacuum cleaners in combination with HEPA filters, provide the highest level of odor control and anti-allergen protection to consumers. Some of the high performing European vacuum cleaners provide nearly 99.95% dust collection with innovative dust sealing bag technology.

Like anything in life, new technology with innovative design attracts a premium. It all depends on individual circumstances of the household. We have a wide range of bags on offer. Please visit our website and contact us. We will advise you with best bag solution for your cleaning needs.

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